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IndiaA shocking fall changed Param's life. Help Savita save her 2-year-old son

A shocking fall changed Param’s life. Help Savita save her 2-year-old son

Published: 9th Mar 2021 4:42 pm | Updated: 13th Mar 2021 5:46 pm

“I looked away for a few seconds.. and he fell. I blame myself, all the time. Maybe if I hadn’t looked away, my Param wouldn’t be here right now”, Savita cries.

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Barely 2 years old, Param needs to undergo a ‘craniotomy’ a.k.a head-surgery.

A shocking fall led to damage in his head and in his internal organs.


“I was on the terrace with Varum, my 2 month old baby and Param. Param was chasing after a ball, as he usually does. He’s barely 2 years old so he can’t run very fast. I make sure he’s never alone. But.. I should never have taken my eye off him. I looked away because I heard someone call my name and the next thing I knew, Param had fallen off the terrace, on to the hard ground below”.

To save Param, donate here

A stunned Savitha rushed down to cradle her baby. Thankfully, Param seemed alright, there was no visible damage.

Nevertheless, Savita made the smart decision to take her baby to the hospital.


“I will forever be glad I decided to consult with a doctor. On the way to the hospital, Param lost consciousness. I knew right then that the damage suffered was greater than I had realized.”, Savita says.

A quick examination by the doctors revealed that Param had suffered some damage to his head and internal organs (particularly his kidneys).

To save Param, donate here

They told Savita and her husband, Kisan, that Param would require surgery to repair the damage in his head, and intensive care to make sure his kidneys recovered.

“I’m grateful that there’s a way for my son to make a full recovery. I was so relieved when the doctors told me he would not suffer permanently. But then we found out how much all of this would cost..”, Savita trails off.

The total cost of the surgery and intensive care is INR 646000.00.


Savita’s husband, Kisan makes Rs 9,000 a month. That’s just enough for them to feed themselves and care for a new-born child. It’s definitely not enough to pay for Param’s treatment.

“I wish I could afford this myself, I wish I didn’t have to beg. But we simply cannot pay for his medical care on our own. Not on my husband’s salary, not with a newborn to care for as well”, Savita cries.

The good news is that Param can make a full recovery and lead a normal, healthy childhood. The bad news is, his parents are powerless to make this happen – without help. Lots of it.

Please consider donating today, to save Param. He’s only 2 and deserves a childhood. No amount is too little for this family, every bit will be used for his treatment.

Take 2 minutes today to give and change Param’s life.

A shocking fall changed Param's life



The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the campaign organizer or the medical team.

Charity No: 81685563
Note: Donations towards this fundraiser are not eligible for any tax deduction such as 80G, 501(c), etc..

 changed Param's life


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