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Entertainment'Akhanda', a celebration for Balayya fans

‘Akhanda’, a celebration for Balayya fans

Published: 2nd Dec 2021 3:05 pm

Hyderabad: There could be nothing more exhilarating than fans celebrating the larger-than-life image of Nandamuri Balakrishna. What if he comes with more than the usual diction and aggression that he shows onscreen? The intensity of celebration reaches a new crescendo. And the action entertainer ‘Akhanda’ comes as an elixir to Nandamuri fans before it actually hit theatres on Friday. 

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The story starts with newly born twins born into a family that is mired in factional feuds in Rayalaseema region. It is predicted that one child is destined to become a saviour of people and the other a destroyer, ‘Akhanda’ – who is nursed by the lord Shiva himself.

Protagonist Murali Krishna played by Balayya, isn’t just a farmer in Anantapur, but fondly revered as a reformer. He shoulders the responsibility of bringing change among the youth whose blood boils with faction feud. He gets closer to the masses and serves the poor. People benefit from the schools and hospitals that are built by his family in the rural town. This is when Saranya IAS (Pragya Jaiswal) takes charge as the new District Collector at the headquarters.

Uranium excavation is carried out rampantly from the Varada mining company posing a great threat to the habitats and the population in the forest. The owner of mining company Varadarajulu, a ruthless monster played by Srikanth, looks menacing at the people working under him. Power and wealth at the cost of environment and population —  is what he dreams. None would dare to go against will, heavy price should be paid for those who cross it. The second half of the story tells who runs the mafia behind him? What challenge does Murali Krishna face in saving his people? And how the ferocious avatar of ‘Akhanda’ gets unveiled — forms the crux of the story.  

Balakrishna’s films like ‘Narasimha Naidu’ and ‘Samarasimha Reddy’ that came 20 years ago showcased Rayalaseema flavour in its true sense albeit with a little overdose of action. The latest release of ‘Akhanda’ shows star Balakrishna in a never-before ferocious avatar. With an electrifying background score, dialogues, camera work, the movie is all pomp and rich for Balakrishna fans. However, regular audiences who wish to see something new in his films, have to rack their brains to comprehend the violence and the physics behind the fight sequences. Pragya Jaiswal impresses with her character as Saranya IAS. But one wouldn’t mind saying she is a complete mismatch for Balayya to be paired up in the film.

Fans would always savour the making of Boyapati Srinu. And this time too, he gets the credit for the powerful dialogues and diction that have an underlying message. Actor Srikanth comes into the spotlight with his performance as Varadarajulu in the film – could be the best in his career as an antagonist. 

Cast: Nandamuri Balakrishna, Pragya Jaiswal 

Direction: Boyapati Srinu 

Music: S Thaman 

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