Bath salts for the mind

The aroma of flowers has a calming effect and helps one relax

By   |  Published: 13th Jan 2021  1:18 pmUpdated: 15th Jan 2021  5:19 pm

The wonderful thing about soaking yourself in a hot bath is that it is soothing and relaxing and yet, helps to refresh and rejuvenate you. The aroma of flowers is known to have a calming effect on the mind and helps to induce relaxation.

Bath salts can ease muscular tension, remove fatigue and induce relaxation. It also helps to remove toxins and promote the general feeling of well-being, apart from nourishing and softening the skin. Some ingredients help to exfoliate your skin, leaving it cleaner and brighter.

The idea of using bath salts comes from mineral springs or hot springs, people frequent these for health benefits. In recent times, to make the experience more luxurious and enjoyable at home, bath salts are added which contain many ingredients like fragrances and oils.

Here are two bath salt recipes which you can make at home:

Recipe 1 – 1 cup powdered milk; Salt; 1 cup bicarbonate of soda; One tablespoon almond oil — Mix with hot water and add to the tub of water for a soak.

Recipe 2 – 1 cup powdered milk; Salt; 3 tablespoons gram flour; 3 tablespoons bicarbonate of soda; 5 drops Aloeswood (Ood) essential oil — Tie first three ingredients in a bundle and add to water. Add aloeswood oil directly to water.

Apart from sharing recipes of bath salts, the well-known beauty expert also tells us how to get rid of underarm darkness and pimples using natural ingredients.

* Natural packs for underarm darkness: Underarm darkness can occur due to shaving, use of hair removing creams, direct application of deodorants on the skin, or hereditary factors.

The normal sugar and lemon mixture used for waxing would lighten skin colour over a period of time. Mix gram flour (besan) with curd, lemon juice and a little turmeric (haldi) into a paste. Apply on the areas under the arms thrice a week and wash it off after half-an-hour.

* Kitchen ingredients to prevent pimples: Pimples and acne occur on oily skin. So, astringents like cucumber are needed to reduce oiliness. Apply cucumber juice by itself on the face and wash it off with plain water after 15 minutes.

Or, mix cucumber juice with a little rose water, for an astringent toner. Green tea also works well as an astringent toner. Soak green tea leaves or a tea bag in hot water for half-an-hour. Cool and strain and use the liquid on the skin. Sandalwood paste can be applied on the pimples, acne and boils.

Tulsi leaves and pudina (mint) leaves can be used. Boil a handful of leaves on a very low flame in 4 cups of water for one hour. Leave it overnight. Next morning, strain the water and make a paste of the leaves. Apply it on areas with pimples and rash. The water can be used for rinsing the area.