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TechGandhi's life through Augmented Reality

Gandhi’s life through Augmented Reality

Published: 6th Oct 2020 5:28 pm

There have been several experiments in presenting Mahatma Gandhiji’s ideals, principles and message to the world in the past. For the first-time ever, the public were able to experience Gandhiji’s life through Augmented Reality (AR), a technology that enables an interactive representation of a real-world environment enhanced by perceptual information, leading to an experiential learning and understanding.

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Bengaluru-based technology enabler, 4point2 Technologies, paid homage to the Father of the Nation on the occasion of Gandhi Jayanthi in a unique manner at the Mahatma Gandhi Park on MG Road. By harnessing AR, the company provided an experiential understanding of Gandhiji, his message through music, speeches, images, documentaries, movies and a 3D projection, all enabled by a smartphone.

The preview for the media was followed with the AR being opened to the general public through their smartphones. It is for the first-time ever that Gandhiji’s life was presented through AR, which bridged the gap between the past and the present.

The public, especially the children, were able to understand Gandhiji’s life and values through this experiential learning, which will continue to be available until October 10. All that they have to do is download the ‘MarkAR’ app on to their smartphones.

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