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BusinessHyderabad-based edtech platform blends technology with teaching to perfection

Hyderabad-based edtech platform blends technology with teaching to perfection

Published: 2nd Apr 2021 12:08 am

Hyderabad: Imagine a scenario wherein a child is not only reading the functions of the heart but also experiencing it through a virtual 3D video. Seems impossible? Not anymore.

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Hyderabad-based education technology (edtech) platform Practically showcases and teaches concepts through its immersive learning experience application. The app uses 3D videos, augmented reality and virtual reality simulations, and immersive videos to teach Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM)-related subjects to students from classes 6 to 12.

“Our app is developed on the vision that the rate of retention of learning concepts is 90 per cent higher when experienced. The retention rate is only 20 per cent when taught in a traditional classroom setting. We wanted to combine different elements of visual learning to make everything available for students on a single platform. The app is exploratory, and besides concept explanations through the use of technology, we also offer test prep, gamification, doubt solving, live classes, coding, and summer programmes, among other things,” said Charu Noheria, co-founder and COO, Practically.

Noheria, along with two others Subbarao Siddabattula, CEO, and Ilangovel Thulasimani, CTO, founded the company in 2018 and after working on the content creation for about two years, the app was launched in April 2020. The content is created subject-wise, and currently, it only offers content for Maths and Science for classes 6 to 12.

While the app is mostly individual-centric, the company also offers an app for teachers which helps them teach different concepts through an experiential process. “We also work closely with schools and provide the app free for teachers while the monetisation happens through the parents for post-school features. Every student is provided with a dedicated mentor who is available for any doubts, and we have partnered with 150 schools mostly in South India with a major focus on Telangana and Andhra Pradesh,” Noheria said.

Practically offers 3,000 3D videos, 1,000 AR simulations and 15,000 3D models covering every topic and sub-topic for students. It plans to launch its app for elementary school for kindergarten to Class 5 students by next year. With about 3 lakh students using the app, the company plans to launch its operations pan-India in the this year and is also targeting global markets like the US.

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