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Idris Elba wants people to fall in love with cinema again

Published: 3rd Aug 2021 3:14 pm

Los Angeles: British star Idris Elba currently awaits the release of his upcoming film ‘The Suicide Squad’, which will hit theatres on August 5. The actor says he wants people to fall in love with cinema again, which he labels as the “lifeblood” of the industry.

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Elba, who will be seen playing the character of Bloodsport in the movie based on the DC Universe, said: “I just hope people realise that imagination is not dead, you know what I mean? Storytelling is the absolute lifeblood of what we do, it’s why we are who we are as a species on this planet. And so when you’ve got all these great storytellers telling an incredibly imaginative and empathetic story, I think the audience really enjoys that.”

“It’s why we love cinema. You go out and you experience it together. I want people to fall in love with cinema again. That really is the lifeblood of our industry. We make these incredible films with equipment that really only shows you its full glory when it’s projected in the cinema,” Elba added.

The actor shared that the scale of the film, which is directed by James Gunn, is really special. On working with Gunn on sets, Elba shared: “Look, when the director is in every molecule of the script, when he makes every lighting decision and every costume decision, that’s an artiste. Artiste with a capital A. And he’s very pedantic, but in a good way. He works in a specific way, really knows what he’s looking for: ‘If we haven’t got it, we haven’t got it, and we’re going to keep going until we get it.’ That kind of thing.”

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