Tuesday, October 19, 2021


Children use imaginary aggression to deal with bad peers

The finding comes from an observational study of more than 100 children at a school in China, who were asked to play with toys in pairs.

Covid-19 has forced companies to do better for customer gratification

Apart from making us more organized in a manner, it also reminded us of the significance of research in product build-up.

Baby on the horizon? You might need changes to your interior space

If you are expecting a baby soon and so not understand where to start, read the following tips to help you help yourself.

Mental Health Day: A focus on caregiver fatigue

For some people, speaking to a therapist is the most effective way of understanding their own feelings, experiences and surroundings.

Top fashion designers collaborate to launch affordable fashion line

Amazon Fashion India to find out more on the idea behind this collaboration and how it can be a game changer in the industry

Must-attend watch parties for IPL, web series fans

Almost all OTT platforms have introduced a Watch Party feature that connects everyone to view movies and TV shows together from different locations making it more fun and social.

58% young females have faced online harassment, abuse: Survey

The survey polled 14,000 girls and young women aged 15 to 25 in 22 countries including Brazil, India, Nigeria, Spain, Thailand and the U.S

Jack Daniel’s relaunches its brand

The campaign that is now live on TV, social, digital, out of home and print platforms in 100 plus countries focuses on the impact on peoples' lives when they decide to choose boldly and with purpose every day.

Online jewellery: Millennials, minimalism and the marketplace

Riding on the positive figures and an upward growth trajectory, several industries are trying to step on a digital podium to catch the attention of the millennials.

Of intricate patterns and unique motifs

Minimalistic design and versatile nature make Telia Rumal of Puttapaka the most sought-after fabric

Covid-19 taking heavy mental health toll on people: Study

These outcomes are largely related to financial stress and disruptions in people's social lives.

Ensuring smooth transition to formal schooling

The ministry recommended that schools adopt flexible attendance and sick leave policies.

How diabetes can affect your eyes

Diabetes is a condition wherein blood glucose levels are abnormally high.

Hospital safety: Tips for patients while visiting a hospital

For your commute back home, follow the same steps as your commute to the hospital follow the same safety measures.

Why do we have leap years?

In the Julian calendar, named after Julius Caesar, every fourth year had 366 days rather than 365.
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