Thursday, January 20, 2022

View Point

Positives from the pandemic

We must sustain gains from these trying times and not let them fade away as we return to old normal

Monetary policy to pump growth

RBI’s data-backed forward view should be able to reinforce confidence in entrepreneurs to stimulate economic activities

A Rs 1,600-crore political opportunism

The NRC has become meaningless after the CAA and will remain an abandoned document in the debris of India’s political debacles

The new information illiteracy

With little revealed and even less understood, ‘public sphere’ is the covert sphere of cleverly planted questionable infotoids

Banking begs new direction

Time is nigh to transfer rural branches of PSU banks to their sponsored rural banks to achieve financial inclusion

Cruising towards Blue Revolution

Round the year availability of water is generating new hopes for Telangana’s fisheries and aquaculture sector

A synonym for welfare and simplicity

Sankaran, through his selfless work for the weaker sections, set new standards in public service

We need many Ranchos around

Until we go beyond seeking material needs, it is unlikely that the number of self-actualisers will shoot up

Plug gaps in farm legislations

A subordinate legislation that addresses contentious issues will make a win-win for both farmers and investors

Corporate feast at farmers’ cost

Instead of abolishing it, the government should provide legal backing to Minimum Support Price to help farmers

Lack of justice and loss of faith

Crimes grow not because of population growth but due to government’s inability and unwillingness to check them
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