Thursday, September 23, 2021


Facebook’s new policy for fighting ‘coordinated social harm’

The company said the change could help the platform fight harmful behaviour it wouldn't otherwise be able to fully address under its existing rules, reports Engadget.

5.8 mn Facebook users have VIP pass that exempts them from harsh action

San Francisco: At least 5.8 million high profile Facebook users have VIP pass that allows them to break rules without consequences, the media reported. According...

Twitter launches Communities, an alternative to Facebook Groups

San Francisco: Micro-blogging site Twitter has announced a new feature "Communities" as an alternative to Facebook's popular Groups where people can share discussions on...

Facebook expands operations in Hyderabad

Hyderabad: In a development that will cement Hyderabad as an attractive destination to the existing as well as new investors, social media giant Facebook...

Here’s why the ‘Milk Crate Challenge’ went all wrong

The recent ‘Milk Crate Challenge’ has been a worry for several doctors in the US. As the challenge led to several injuries, sometimes irreversible,...

Nigerians trio nabbed for matrimony fraud in Hyderabad

Rachakonda Police picked them up from New Delhi. They had recently cheated a city woman of Rs 26 lakh

Know how to manage social media risks

Safeguard your data by making privacy settings: Experts

Watch: What is the dangerous #cratechallenge tiktok banned

From fun memes to some serious medical emergencies, everything you need to know about the recently Tiktok banned #cratechallenge.

Posing with toy gun lands Karimnagar man in jail

Karimnagar: The Karimnagar police on Monday traced and arrested a person whose photos which showed him with a 'weapon' went viral creating a sensation...

FB releases shelved report about most-viewed posts after criticism

The New York Times first reported that the most-viewed link on Facebook in the first quarter "had a headline that could promote Covid-19 vaccine hesitancy".

Hyderabad: Tension in Rein Bazaar after defamatory post on Facebook

According to the police, a person belonging to a particular sect in the same community made a controversial and defamatory post on Facebook against a religious practice.

Rachakonda She teams nab 49 including six minors for harassing women

Hyderabad: In the last eight weeks, the Rachakonda She Teams caught 49 persons including six minors for harassing women, apart from stopping nine child...

IT firms in Hyderabad not to insist staff on vaccination

They, however, are encouraging techies to get vaccinated as soon as possible and are following all safety protocols in workspaces

I wanted to dance for my husband, cheer up my parents: Shriya

Mancherial: Payyavula Sai Shriya, who shot to fame with her dance to the tunes of a Telangana folk song during the Baraat ceremony of...

Facebook partners with Indifi to enable loans for small businesses

India is the first country where such a programme is being rolled out by Facebook, and is open to businesses registered across 200 towns and cities

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