Wednesday, October 20, 2021

heart ailment

Hyderabad: MitraClip procedure performed at Apollo Hospitals

The MitraClip is a small metal clip with a polyester fabric that is inserted to fix the leaky mitral valve of the heart thereby ensuring that the blood flow is in the right direction.

Covid positive woman with heart ailment, safely delivers at KIMS

The woman was 35-weeks into her pregnancy and was experiencing an elevated heart rate wherein her heart was beating at 186 beats per minute.

Heavy energy drink consumption linked to heart failure in a young man

Overstimulation of the sympathetic nervous system by caffeine may be a factor; energy drinks are also known to raise blood pressure and can trigger heart rhythm abnormalities.

Hyderabad: 5 year-old from Sudan undergoes corrective surgery for heart ailment

Victor Bior, the preschooler was admitted to the hospital with multiple ailments including CHD or a hole in the heart, and pulmonary arterial narrowing.

Hyderabad: Recipient of heart transported by metro recovers

The speedy transportation of the heart by a dedicated metro train during the peak hour aided in the success of the surgery, said surgeon Dr Alla Gopala Krishna Gokhale

Sonu Sood to help poor family for heart surgery of 4 month old boy

Residents of Jaggaraopalli of Boinpalli mandal, Pandipalli Babu and Rajitha have a four month-old son Adhwith Shourya. The boy was diagnosed with a congenital heart problem.

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