Tuesday, January 25, 2022

Hindu temple

From Hindustani to Hindu state

Modi’s partiality to Hinduism is changing the character and image of Indian state from multi-religious to mono-religious

Hindu temple vandalised in Pakistan’s Karachi

Karachi: A man was arrested on Monday for entering and vandalising a Hindu temple in Pakistan's Karachi. The man entered a Hindu temple in Ranchore...

20 arrested, over 150 booked in Pakistan for attack on Hindu temple

The police action came after the country's Supreme Court on Friday pulled up authorities for failing to stop the attack and ordered the arrest of the culprits.

TTD organises first Hanuman Jayanti celebration at Tirumala

The development acquires significance in the wake of the TTD's announcement in April this year that Lord Hanuman's birthplace is located on Anjanadri, one of the seven Tirumala hills.

It’s sacrilege to attack Sai Baba

What a misguided Pathan failed to achieve in Shirdi, Hindu hardliners succeeded in doing at Shahpur Jat in Delhi

Dubai temple to open doors by Diwali 2022

The Sindhi Guru Darbar Temple is one of the oldest Hindu temples in the country, open since the 1950s.

Mob vandalises Hindu temple in Karachi, Muslims come to rescue

This time it was a Hindu temple, in Karachi's century old neighbourhood that houses over 300 Hindu families, which was vandalized

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