Friday, January 28, 2022

Mobile Application

Telangana launches mobile app to help control TB

The app ‘TB Aarogya Sathi’ can be used by patients as a tool to access various TB-related services, track availability of TB drugs and diagnostics and even locate details of the nearest TB treatment facility

LG Electronics unveils mobile app for pedestrian safety

The Soft V2X, with V2X standing for "vehicle to everything," is LG's smartphone solution for pedestrian protection.

IIT researchers develop AI-based mobile app for Covid patients

We have developed a pilot version of LakshmanRekha mobile application and tested it over small datasets. The obtained results are very good and now we are working to add more functionality, scalability and usability to make it ready for deployment

S Korea launches probe into Google over Play Store violations

The US tech giant has come under intense scrutiny from South Korean regulators along with Indian app developers and entrepreneurs after it updated its global policy late last month to make all apps on its Play store use its proprietary billing system.

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