Wednesday, October 27, 2021


Unlock with Apple Watch isn’t working for some iPhone 13 users: ReporT

San Francisco: Multiple users have found that they cannot unlock their iPhone 13 with the Apple Watch and instead receive an error, and it's...

Opinion: Twin dangers to internet

Threat of total consolidation and attempts to challenge the status quo, particularly by Russia and China, could destabilise internet

Capturing small wonders in big frames

Hyderabad-based macro photographer has been capturing rare species that naked eye usually misses with his mobile

Avoiding another internet meltdown

Fastly’s outage illustrates the fragility of an internet that’s being routed through fewer and fewer channels

Woman sues Reddit for allowing child sexual abuse content

"Child sexual abuse material (CSAM) has no place on the Reddit platform. We actively maintain policies and procedures that don't just follow the law, but go above and beyond it," a company spokesperson said.

Reddit suffers major outage as GameStop shares soar 100%

"At the moment, it's unclear if the two are related, but the subreddit seemed to be getting a lot of heavy traffic right before Reddit began crashing," the report mentioned.

Reddit raises another $116M, ups Series E round to $366 million

"The document shows that Reddit is aiming to raise up to $500 million in this capital raise," the report said on Monday.

GameStop CFO steps down after Reddit driven rally

The company said in its SEC filing that Bell's resignation was not because of any disagreement with the company "on any matter relating to the Company's operations, policies or practices

Bitcoin’s market value tops $1 trillion

Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency created in 2009 by an unknown person using the alias Satoshi Nakamoto.

Reddit raises $250M, now has over 50M daily users

The company said that it is "readying to double the number of Reddit employees this year".

Reddit acquires short-video making platform Dubsmash

While Dubsmash will maintain its own platform and brand, Reddit aims to bring the teams together to combine the unique creator experience of Dubsmash with its own community growth engine.

iOS 14.2 causing battery drain in some iPhones: Report

According to MacRumors, affected iPhones all appear to be slightly older, such as the iPhone XS, iPhone 7, iPhone 6S, and first-generation iPhone SE. The 2018 iPad Pro running iPadOS 14.2 also seems to be affected.

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