Sunday, December 5, 2021


My Newborn’s Life Is Hanging By A Thread & I’m Helpless. Help Save Her

13 June 2021, I gave birth to a beautiful baby girl. However, her birth didn’t go as planned. My second pregnancy wasn’t as smooth as...

Does your dog need to shed holiday pounds?

A responsible pet parent always takes care to feed the pet the right meal, but the festive time does allow for many a slip in the diet plan

India to produce 302 lakh tonnes of sugar in 2020-21: ISMA

The industry body had pegged sugar output of the country around 310 lakh tonnes in its first advance estimates for 2020-21 sugar season.

Sugar output up 31% in 2020-21 till Jan 15

Releasing the latest production update, ISMA said the country's sugar output is higher by 33.76 lakh tonne so far this year as compared to last year's production for the corresponding period.

A heavenly sweet

Celebrate the advent of the harvest season with mouth-watering sesame seeds snack, Pakundalu

Time for some good ol’ plum cake

Celebrate the festival with a rich and delicious cake that is simple yet super tasty

Does sugar make kids hyper?

The body normally regulates those sugars. If it needs it, it will use the energy. If it doesn't need it, it will convert it to fat for storage.

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