Sunday, January 23, 2022


Trump praises Brexit leader Farage as ‘king of Europe’

Farage was with a group of Republican politicians attending Trump's rally in Goodyear, Arizona, with only six days until the election that Democratic challenger Joe Biden is currently forecast to win.

Biden says halting virus will take hard work, as Trump stumps non-stop

Biden blasted the president, calling his administration's response to the pandemic "an insult to every single person suffering from Covid-19 and every family who's lost a loved one."

US rescinds Sudan’s designation as sponsor of terrorism: Trump

Trump also said that Sudan has provided assurances it will not support acts of international terrorism in the future.

COVID-19 vaccine coming in weeks: Trump; Biden says US about to go into dark winter

The coronavirus dominated the opening minutes of the Trump-Biden face-off with President Trump terming the contagion a “worldwide problem”.

Trump accuses China, India and Russia of not taking care of their ‘filthy air’

In 2017, Trump pulled the US out of the 2015 Paris climate agreement, saying the international deal to keep global temperatures rises below 2 degree Celsius was disadvantageous to US workers.

Have US media outlets gone too easy on Joe Biden?

"You would think that the press themselves, the people who are covering that campaign, would be frustrated by the fact that they're not getting much information... that there's no real access to the candidate on a daily basis."

How Trump plowed through USD 1 billion, losing cash advantage

Since 2017, more than $39 million has been paid to firms controlled by Parscale, who was ousted as campaign manager over the summer.

As US vote looms, Gulf powers count Trump blessings

The timing of the deals, long considered taboo without the blessing of the Palestinians, was seen as an attempt to provide Trump with a foreign policy win ahead of the vote.

Trump lashes out at ‘stupid’ Republican critics

Polls show that most voters disapprove of his erratic handling of the pandemic, and Biden has made it a core theme, promising a more sober leadership.

Trump sets hectic campaign pace, while frontrunner Biden stays home

Trump likes to say that his packed rallies are evidence of strength not reflected in "fake" election polls.

2.2 million Facebook and Instagram ads rejected ahead of US vote: FB

Facebook has been increasing its efforts to avoid a repeat of events leading up to the 2016 US presidential election, won by Donald Trump, when its network was used for attempts at voter manipulation.

Trump stumps in Florida, Georgia, countering signs of Democratic surge

Trump tossed the large, loudly cheering crowd red meat on immigration, race, and his conspiracy theory that Biden is steeped in corruption.

Combative Trump insists pandemic almost over, Biden says he did ‘nothing’

Trump, who trails in the polls ahead of the November 3 election, was especially under pressure about the coronavirus that has killed over 217,000 Americans and inflicted deep economic damage.

Twitter suspends fake Black pro-Trump accounts

Twitter suspended the identified profiles because they were deceiving users about their intention and their identity, and were therefore deemed to be manipulating public debate.

Trump’s ardent fan from Telangana dies of heart attack

An ardent devotee of Donald Trump, Krishna, died. He was reportedly depressed ever since he heard that Trump tested positive for Covid-19.

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