Sunday, January 23, 2022

Venture Capital

VenturEast plans dedicated venture fund for high-end defence

Hyderabad: VenturEast, a venture capital funding company, investing since 1997 and managing close to over $400 million, has a diverse portfolio of over 100...

Private equity, venture capital deals slowing down amid pandemic: EY

April witnessed 67 deals as against 105 deals in March and 76 deals in April 2020, it added.

Top 40 firms line up to hire Masters’ Union B-School students

It is due to the quality of the cohort, the tech focussed curriculum, the deep industry immersion, and the practitioner-led classes that our students achieved tremendous placement success, at par with the old IIMs

VC investors to rely more on AI than ‘gut feel’ by 2025

Successful investors are purported to have a good 'gut feel' the ability to make sound financial decisions from mostly qualitative information alongside the quantitative data provided by the technology company

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