Thursday, December 9, 2021


Journaling- the realm of the mind

A tool to help you understand yourself at a deeper level so that you can work on your personal growth.

Filmmaker Chloe Zhao on wearing multiple hats for ‘Nomadland’

"I like that! I like to take credit for all of that (laughs). In our case, it was just something that we decided to do because there were so many different challenges," she said.

Stronger brain activity after writing on paper than smartphone, finds study

Contrary to the popular belief that digital tools increase efficiency, volunteers who used paper completed the note-taking task about 25 per cent faster than those who used digital tablets.

Creativity can’t be clocked

Much before the pandemic, remote work and flexible work policies became a part of our lives, companies around the world had begun litmus testing a three-day weekend for employees.

A window of opportunities

Students can make best use of this summer by joining online internships

Cooking is very dear to my heart: Drew Barrymore

At the moment, she is busy with "The Drew Barrymore Show", which she hosts and backs as producer.

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