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EntertainmentBiopic on Konda couple from Ram Gopal Varma gets launched

Biopic on Konda couple from Ram Gopal Varma gets launched

Published: 14th Oct 2021 10:41 am

Hyderabad: Ram Gopal Varma’s upcoming movie is based on the life of Konda Murali, husband of Congress leader and former minister Konda Surekha.

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The movie titled ‘Konda’ was recently launched at Vanchanagiri in Warangal. Produced by Malla Reddy and Naveen Reddy, the film stars Adith Arun and Irra Mor in lead roles.

The maverick director, who usually harps on stories that revolve around mobsters, gang wars, and faction tales of Rayalaseema, has a story in mind ever since he got to hear more deeply about the Konda couple.

“Extraordinary circumstances give birth to extraordinary people. I feel fortunate to be telling a story of this sort. I have made films such as ‘Siva’ and also several Hindi films in Mumbai, but Konda Murali’s story is the most exciting one I have ever heard,” he said adding that Konda’s story isn’t limited to Telangana but should be a universal one.

The producer said that he is eager to watch RGV’s treatment. “We have seen a lot of awesome work from him. But ‘Konda’ is going to be different from them all. The Konda couple are going to create a sensation,” he added.

“Konda Murali who started out as a street vendor climbed up the ladders with hard work and perseverance. He went on to become a people’s leader. And making a biopic would be a tribute to his service to people,” said Konda Surekha.

The movie is likely to be shot in the jungles of Warangal. The biopic showcases the rebellion of the oppressed sections, the heydays of Naxalism, and the dominance of feudal landlords during the ’80s.

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