Citizens welcome TS govt’s 10-day lockdown decision

The success of the decision, many felt, would now depend on the people, on how they adhere to the lockdown guidelines and stay home, following all necessary precautions

By   |  Namrata Srivastava  |  Published: 11th May 2021  11:50 pmUpdated: 12th May 2021  12:19 am
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Hyderabad: The right decision is what most felt about the State government’s decision on Tuesday to impose a lockdown in the State for 10 days starting Wednesday. While some suggest it should have been imposed earlier, most citizens felt that the situation in Telangana was better compared to several other States, and that the government had made its move at the right time.

The success of the decision, many felt, would now depend on the people, on how they adhere to the lockdown guidelines and stay home, following all necessary precautions.

Dr Gurva Reddy

“From a medical point of view, the lockdown will definitely help. For example, if an asymptomatic patient meets 100 people a day, he/she will pass on the virus to at least 20 people. If they meet just 10, then only two people are infected. So, the lockdown will help control the numbers to a great extent.”
-Dr Gurva Reddy, Managing Director, Sunshine Hospitals:


Dr GV Rao

“Initially, the medical fraternity was of the opinion that the lockdown wasn’t required. But with the cases increasing every day, we feel lockdown is a good option to break the chain. Although, this lockdown will delay impending surgeries and treatment of non-Covid patients, I believe it will give ample time to all of us to concentrate on the Covid crisis.”
-Dr GV Rao, Chief of Surgical Gastroenterology and Minimally Invasive Surgery, Asian Institute of Gastroenterology


“I welcome this decision. The government, after monitoring the situation, has taken the decision at the right time. The IT sector will not be much impacted due to the lockdown. Also, looking at the condition and the lockdown in other States, I believe daily wagers were also prepared. While they might be impacted for a few days, at this point it is important to save our lives from the deadly virus.”
-Bharani Kumar Aroll, President, Hyderabad Software Enterprises Association (HYSEA):


“Good decision by the Telangana government. This way the chain can be broken because otherwise most people are roaming carelessly, some even without masks. However, I do feel that the government should have given some time to stock up essentials instead of imposing the lockdown suddenly.”
-Chandrika Devi, Homemaker


“This wave is very different from the first wave — the virus is stronger and many people are getting infected. So, it is a good decision. I am happy with the 10-day period as it will help break the chain, but won’t create a financial crisis for below poverty line families. The morning relaxation from 6 am to 10 am is also good as we can get all essentials once and continue with the day’s work.”
-Padma Jonnalagedda, Homemaker

This is a right decision taken by Chief Minister K Chandrashekhar Rao. Lockdown might impact the economy for the time being, but lives are more important. The new strain seems more life threatening than the earlier strain. Hopefully after the lockdown, cases will come down.”
-Dr G Padmaja Reddy, award-winning Kuchipudi dancer

“Since the start of the second wave, we are being warned that this strain is more dangerous. However, still many people are not following Covid protocols. I hope that the lockdown will reduce daily cases and help us overcome this crisis. I will be using the morning relaxation to do whatever charity work I can do.”
-Shravan Kumar, Fashion designer

“Although the lockdown is imperative to break the chain, it might affect the mental health of many. Several people are dealing with pressure, stress and anxiety due to the rising cases, and this might add to it. Hence I request people to concentrate on their mental health. Involve in things you like and spend more time with your family. Moreover, while you can’t avoid the news completely, try to limit the intake.”
-Nikhita Gowra, student of Post Graduate Diploma in Psychological Counseling Skills of St Francis College

“I strongly feel that the lockdown should have been implemented earlier. However, now that is being imposed, I am happy. This won’t affect my work as the IT sector has been working from home for the last one year now. However, I feel the government should have given a few days for us to stock essentials as it is possible that most kirana stores might get crowded in the mornings.”
-Sashidhar Vuppala, IT professional:

“I welcome the decision. I can see so many people being infected and several young people succumbing to the virus. We were planning an exhibition at Kalakriti, so we are busy finishing the work as soon as possible so as to follow the lockdown norms. We have stocked all the disinfectants, sanitisers, food and other essentials at home, so that we don’t have to run to the store during the lockdown.”
-Rekha Lahoti, owner of Kalakriti Art Gallery

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