Covid stress: People turning to alternative therapies

Alternative medicine witnessing demand as many try to deal with issues arising out of the pandemic

By   |  Published: 18th Jun 2021  11:41 pmUpdated: 19th Jun 2021  12:17 am
With any alternative therapy, it’s important to understand that it’s an ongoing process, and not something that will give you instant results.

Hyderabad: As the pandemic shows no signs of disappearing anytime soon, those in the alternative medicine field say they are observing an uptick in demand for people looking to relieve their symptoms.

Reiki healer Dr Meena Bajaj says she is seeing more youngsters coming to her for healing. “They are unable to deal with anxiety and the stress due to different situations in their life. A lot of Covid patients in recovery and those suffering from it have also reached out,” says the 62-year-old healer.

The Japanese-based healing technique, Reiki usually requires in-person meetings, but Dr Meena says, the technique is not really encumbered by space, location or distance.

“When the body is ill, the chakras get disbalanced, we balance them by redirecting energy to them. The chakras work as a whole and not individually, and cleanse the system. There is a lot of negativity around us, which affects our body eventually, we stop that from happening by ensuring energy flows freely,” explains Dr Meena who takes on 5-6 calls a day from patients, many in post-Covid recovery.

Yoga practitioner Rajeshwari Vaddiparthi who runs the Amrithavarshini Yoga centre says, with any alternative therapy, it’s important to understand that it’s an ongoing process, and not something that will give you instant results.

“You can’t start doing vigorous asanas or pranayama and expect results instantly. The body has to be attuned to it long enough to make a difference. I have observed the same inflexibility in a 60-year-old and a 20-year-old. In the former, it is due to age and the latter due to inactivity and a sedentary lifestyle. So one has to modify the postures and breathing techniques according to such factors,” says Rajeshwari who receives a lot of requests for teacher training in Yoga as many with time on their hands want to learn and turn teachers for others.

Many are also enquiring about chanting therapy which is known to have spiritual and mental health benefits. “Chanting can have a physiological and psychological effect. It can alleviate emotional exhaustion, depression, and change the mood,” explains Rajeshwari.

alternative therapiesBach flower therapy is also being used in conjunction with Yoga therapy for people now.

“Anxiety and fear together are two common issues we see now. Bach flower therapy works by healing the emotions of a person. Each flower’s essence in the 35 to 38 varieties works on a particular emotion. Some varieties when combined together with Yoga can help a person’s emotional state significantly. It doesn’t have any disruptive effects on the body and can be used on pregnant women and babies too. So they are very safe and can be used with other forms of therapies,” explains Bach therapist Kamala Chirravuri.

With most people dealing with allergies during changing seasons, she advises Rescue Remedy which is a combination of five flowers which alleviates the symptoms in majority of the people. With any therapy, it’s always better to consult an expert, they all say, rather than turning to Google.

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