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Entertainment'Dear Megha' has a story replete with surprises and unlucky events

‘Dear Megha’ has a story replete with surprises and unlucky events

Published: 4th Sep 2021 7:24 pm

Hyderabad: ‘Dear Megha’ is too ideal a story to occur in real life. On the face of it, it is not a story that an average Telugu filmgoer would expect. No happy ending, short-lived romantic track, surprises and unlucky events in the end — that go against already-proven themes of Telugu romantic flicks. ‘Dear Megha’ is directed by Sushanth Reddy, who is just a film older (‘Superstar Kidnap’ that came out in 2014).

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‘Dear Megha’ stars Megha Akash as the female protagonist Megha Swaroop. And two key characters — Adith Arun and Arjun Somayajula — are two relatively new faces that audiences aren’t familiar with. It’s a tragic story of an introvert named Megha Swaroop, who is not so expressive to disclose her feelings, who is visibly upset with her life and you could say she is one who doesn’t properly know how to manifest things in her life. Perhaps, she knows only to leave things to her fate. Life gives a second chance to everyone, as they say, but for Megha, life is full of tragedies, replete with surprises.

The story starts with Megha Akash waiting for a train on a deserted railtrack with no one in sight to rescue her. Staring death so closely, the camera pans out to tell her back story. To the time when she happens to see Arjun, the college basketball champion. And she wishes for a dream, a life that she never thought of — to share life with Arjun forever.

The latter part of the story has Adith Arun, a happy-go-lucky boy who co-incidentally bumps into Megha. The meeting comes as an assurance for Megha whose life is battered by her past memories. It’s surely a story that would lift Megha Aakash’s prospects as an actor after her recent success with ‘Raja Raja Chora’.

However faithful it may seem for a remake, the characterization could have been better with some depth and drama. It’s unusual story line and soothing melodies make the film stand apart from a regular romantic film with a sad ending. Probably, remakes lose their sheen when such a masterpiece is resurrected on the silver screen for the second time.

Retelling an already-told story would, however, test the creative capabilities of a filmmaker. A slight deviation from the regular run-of-the mill romcoms, ‘Dear Megha’ can be an engaging tale to watch for Telugu moviegoers.

Ever since the makers started promoting ‘Dear Megha’, the team entirely harped on its music. The singles like ‘Aamani Unte Pakkana’ and ‘Bagundhi Ee Kaalame’ have already created a thumping impact on listeners’ playlists. Sid Sriram’s voice and music director Gowra Hari’s rendition would probably be the best work that a film like ‘Dear Megha’ could get.

Title: Dear Megha
Cast: Megha Akash, Arjun Somyajula, Adith Arun
Director: Sushanth Reddy

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