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EntertainmentEilish and Omicron are the most mispronounced words of 2021

Eilish and Omicron are the most mispronounced words of 2021

Published: 8th Dec 2021 5:05 pm

If you’re talking about Omicron to your friends, we are quite confident that most of you are mispronouncing the word. Because it made it to the list of 2021’s most commonly mispronounced words.

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And although you know the lyrics to Billie Eilish’s songs by heart, you may not know how to pronounce her name in the right way. The American pop singer’s last name has also made it to the top of the list compiled by US Captioning Company.

As per ‘BBC’, a survey has identified which words and names were the trickiest for newsreaders and people on TV to pronounce this year. The new Covid variant, named after the Greek letter O, is supposed to be pronounced “OH-mee-kraan” or “AH-muh-kraan”, depending on if you are in the UK or the US, according to the list. And many newsreaders were also mispronouncing Eilish’s name, which is said like “EYE-lish”.

Some of 2021’s mispronounced words (pronunciation provided by Babbel)

Stefanos Tsitsipas (STEH-fuh-nohs TSEE-tsee-pas) – the world number four tennis player who reached this year’s French Open final
Cheugy (CHOO-gee) – a slang term used to describe, and dismiss, anything seen as hopelessly uncool or unfashionable
Glasgow (GLAHZ-go) – the host city of the COP26 climate conference was mispronounced by both Joe Biden and Barack Obama
Yassify (YEAH-sih-fai) – a popular beauty filter trend
Ever Given (Ev-er GIV-en) – the name of the ship that blocked the Suez Canal was often mistaken for “Evergreen”, the company who owned the vessel whose name was printed on its side
Dogecoin (DOHJ-coin) – the cryptocurrency popularised by Elon Musk

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