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Home remedies for hair problems

Published: 29th Jan 2021 5:27 pm

Hair fall is a common phenomenon among men and women. An average adult has about 1,00,000 to 1,50,000 hair strands and losing between 50 to 100 strands a day is considered normal.

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However, excessive hair loss can be a troublesome problem, often causing worry and affecting self-esteem, especially for women.

There are various causes for hair loss — ranging from medication, hormonal imbalance, diet, work stress. Going natural is the best solution for hair problems. Simple alterations in your diet, haircare routine and lifestyle choices can slow down hair fall.

Dryness, dullness, split ends, dandruff and hair fall are the most common problems during winters. However, dealing with these problems is not difficult if you know your hair texture and conditioning.

The best is to try natural home remedies. But before starting with home remedies, you need to understand your hair and the ingredients you are using for treating it. Remember not to experiment with your hair by following others. Everyone’s hair has different needs, you may not get good results with what your friend is doing.


The most common hair condition, dryness is of two types — natural and post chemicals. Both need regular moisturising. Conditioners, hair spa or any other chemical-based products or treatments only give temporary effects. You need to do something better. Preconditioning is the answer. Apply oil for 5 minutes daily before wash. Use mustard oil as it is the best for hair and preconditioning with it controls dryness very well. Drink plenty of fluids, especially water. Avoid direct heat with hot styling tools and sun.


Hair becomes dull when it is not maintained well during winters, especially if it is chemically treated. If your hair texture is oily or normal, you can apply henna mixed with water and a spoon of curd. This gives good control to oily scalp and adds a natural gloss to the colour of hair. It also adds bounce to flat hair. Henna should be applied only for 15 minutes before wash.

Split ends

They make hair look rough and out of style. Split hair cannot be treated with any kind of products. Once you have it, you have to cut it. Be regular with your haircuts during winter, be gentle while brushing and washing. If you are regular with preconditioning, you will not get split ends. So, regular haircut and preconditioning help control split ends.


This common issue gets severe if not treated on time. To treat dandruff, it’s important to keep hair clean all the time. Wash hair daily without fail. Once in 15 days, mix turmeric with water and apply it on the scalp for 10 minutes before washing. Wash hair frequently and do not apply any haircare pack on the scalp if you’ve oily dandruff. Consulting a doctor in the case of oily dandruff is a must.

* You must have a healthy diet, lots of fluids, and be regular with haircut and cleaning.
* Preconditioning and daily wash are most helpful to prevent hair fall.
* Apply oil to hair for 5 minutes daily before wash and use normal hair shampoo.
* Haircut takes off the extra weight from the scalp and also makes ends healthy.
* No medicine or treatment works better for hair fall than preconditioning, wash and cut.
* Complicated treatments are not always effective. Styles keep changing but not hair health needs.
* Clean hair is healthy hair and what you eat is what you get!

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