Monday, December 6, 2021
EntertainmentIt's Squid Game, but the players are all robots!

It’s Squid Game, but the players are all robots!

Published: 28th Oct 2021 10:37 am

Hyderabad: Did you know ‘Squid Game’ is more talked about than climate change? Anything related to the hit Netflix series is being read and watched by people like never before!

Raghav Anil Kumar, VFX artist from Bengaluru, added a twist to ‘Squid Game’ and fans cannot get enough! YouTube channel Shutter Authority released an animated video of the Red Light, Green Light game with all our favourite robots, including characters like Wall-E, Terminator T800, Atlas from Boston Dynamics and the beloved Pac-Man. And what happens on-screen is worth taking a small break from work and watching.

The 2 minutes and 33 seconds video was animated by the artist using the software Blender. It has 97,000 plus views and is currently trending on the internet. “I didn’t see that ending coming, this was so cute,” commented an internet user. “It makes me laugh that the best part of Squid Game is usually the one that gets parodied the most. But this is also the first time I’ve seen the call robot get destroyed and everyone wins,” wrote another person. “Okay, that’s the most awesome thing I’ve ever¬†seen,” added another fan.¬†

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