Sunday, December 5, 2021

Alzheimer's disease

Treating sleep apnea may reduce risk of dementia: Study

The findings stressed the impact of sleep on cognitive function.

Some genes come to life in the brain after death

In a newly published study in the journal Scientific Reports, the UIC researchers analysed gene expression in fresh brain tissue

Depression, anxiety linked to earlier onset of Alzheimer’s disease

The study suggested that people with anxiety who develop Alzheimer's may start experiencing dementia symptoms about three years earlier than those who do not have anxiety.

Telangana’s young innovator bags Bal Puraskar 2021

Hemesh Chadalavada's tyrst with innovation took roots in the year 2019 when he visited his grandmother's house for summer vacation

Writing tests could help predict Alzheimer’s disease: Study

The AI programme identified that one group of the participants was more frequent in repeating some words.

MicroRNA may serve as therapeutic targets for traumatic brain injury

TBI results from blows to the head, leading to chronic disruption of the brain and a cascade of long-term health conditions.

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