Tuesday, November 30, 2021

breast milk

Breast milk of vaccinated mothers can pass antibodies to babies

Hyderabad: Lactating mothers who had received Covid vaccines can pass on their antibodies against the ailment to their babies through breast feeding, a study...

Breast milk proven to enhance heart performance in premature babies

The study of 80 preterm infants is the first of its kind to show that preterm infants with higher exposure to their mother's own milk had enhanced cardiac function at age one year, with values approaching those of healthy

Worried about breastfeeding amidst the pandemic?

. As the months have passed, this concern has been evident in lactating mothers as well.

Kerala’s first human milk bank to be opened on Feb 5

The collected milk can be stored up to 6 months safely in the bank, if needed, before it is given to an infant.

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