Monday, November 29, 2021

Centre for Cellular and Molecular Biology

Covid: Normalcy likely in 4 months

Hyderabad: The steady drop in daily Covid-19 infections and the waning intensity of the Delta variant of SARS-CoV-2 are clear indications that the pandemic...

Mystery of Covid senses unlocked: CCMB

In their latest study, researchers have showed that the genes associated with smell (olfactory) and taste (gustation) were suppressed, causing Covid positive patients to lose their senses of smell and taste.

DG CSIR lauds efforts of Hyderabad institutes in tackling Covid

No one group or individual can take credit for CSIR’s contributions in fighting Covid-19 and the entire credit goes to CSIR as an organisation, said Dr Shekhar C Mande, DG CSIR

CCMB study to help develop better drugs for cholesterol

Hyderabad: A latest study by researchers from Hyderabad-based Centre for Cellular and Molecular Biology (CCMB), published in peer-reviewed journal Science Advances, has thrown a...

CCMB cracks Queen Ketevan mystery

Queen Ketevan is universally venerated by the Georgians for her courageous stand against the demand for forcible conversion.

CCMB releases guidelines for Covid testing in zoo animals

The special guidelines from LaCONES-CCMB have been released after Covid-19 was reported among zoo animals in the country

Delta variant of Coronavirus predominates in Varanasi: CCMB

The multidisciplinary research unit at BHU collected about 130 samples for sequencing from Varanasi and areas around the city in April

1 lioness dead, 9 test positive for Covid in TN’s Vandalur Zoo

The Vandalur Zoo in a statement said the lioness Neela had been asymptotic and showed some nasal discharge only on Wednesday and had been treated immediately.

All the world’s a family

All people are interconnected genetically, culturally and historically and no human community is exceptional

Dry swab test method cheap and best: CCMB study

The CCMB’s technique eliminates need for expensive cold chain network

Hyderabad drives innovation for Covid therapies

The latest therapy with links to the city is the glucose molecule 2-DG and its anti-Covid-19 therapeutic application that was given a green signal by Indian drug regulatory authorities

Hyderabad-based VINS Bioproducts to begin Phase I trial for Vincov-19

Covid-19 drug candidate was developed by VINS Bioproducts in collaboration with CCMB and University of Hyderabad

VINS Bioproducts to begin phase I clinical trial for Vincov-19

Covid-19 drug candidate has been developed by VINS Bioproducts in collaboration with Centre for Cellular and Molecular Biology and University of Hyderabad

RICH shortlists first cohort of diagnostic startups

RICH-AID is aimed at building a strong ecosystem of startups, innovators, hospitals, clinicians, and mentors to help startups get access to facilities, equipment, and expertise.

Coronavirus’ new variant N440K spreading faster in southern States: CCMB

We now have emerging evidence that N440K is spreading a lot more in southern states, says CCMB

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