Monday, December 6, 2021

Eco Friendly

Eco-friendly Ganeshas trending in Hyderabad

Hyderabad: Every year, Hyderabad roads are decked with colourful Ganeshas, of various shapes and sizes. While the idols made of Plaster of Paris (PoP)...

Hyderabad youths do their bit for environment

Hyderabad: With increasing consciousness about being eco-friendly, city’s youth seem to be taking it upon themselves to ensure festivals are also celebrated in an...

Chicken centre at Siddipet offers discount for customers avoiding use of plastic bags

Unmindful of the dent it makes in his profit margin, he is offering a Rs 30 discount on every kg of chicken to customers who bring their containers and shun plastic bags

Breastfeeding results in a healthier mother-child duo

Breastfeeding mothers lose weight sooner than those who don't breastfeed.

Hyderabad: Small venture makes it big

Nyara, which sells eco-friendly jute products, started with an investment of just Rs 5,000

Flipkart eliminates single-use plastic packaging throughout supply chain

Flipkart said it is now actively working with seller partners who fulfil customer orders directly from their locations to educate them.

‘The Period Hub’ batting for green menstruation

We Hub incubated startup, The Period Hub provides environment friendly alternative to traditional menstrual hygiene products

Hyderabad to get more CNG stations

BGL gears up to launch 20 new filling stations within Greater Hyderabad region by March-end

Sustainable streetwear brand from Hyderabad

Coming from a family that has been into the garment segment for more than three decades, this 22-year-old observed how fashion was negatively impacting the environment and wanted to do something about it.

Two 80-seater cruises to be launched in Hussain Sagar

Equipped with advanced technology, these cruises will be eco-friendly in terms of operations as they come with zero emission and electric twin inboard motors propulsions

Pothole farming: Conservative farming in drought-hit Zimbabwe

With potholing, farmers only disturb the soil exactly where crops are being planted, releasing less carbon, said climate official Mashungu.

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