Thursday, October 28, 2021

John Manoj

Vihari makes a strong case for Oval Test

Hyderabad: There is a strong case for G Hanuma Vihari to play in the fourth Test against England at the Oval where he has...

High Court sets aside order suspending HCA Apex Council

John Manoj group announces start of new cricket season from today

HCA chief Azhar delegates power to Apex Council nominated members

The latest developments has created furore in Hyderabad Cricket circles

HCA affairs get messy as groups vie to gain control

Association president Azharuddin at logerheads with Apex Council members over Ombudsman issue

HCA row: Apex council members prevented from entering ground

This comes after Ombudsman Justice Deepak Verma had temporarily disqualified the Apex Council members, including vice president John Manoj and secretary R Vijayanand on Sunday.

Hyderabad Cricket Association row deepens, five Apex council members disqualified

Vicepresident John Manoj, secretary R Vijayanand, joint secretary Naresh Sharma, treasurer Surender Agarwal and Councilor P Anuradha are facing enquiry under Rule 41(1) (b) by the Ombudsman.

Hyderabad Cricket Association Apex Council to hold SGM on July 18

'Interim' president John Manoj said Azharuddin had violated the constitution on many counts and let the SGM decide on the future course of the association

HCA saga: John Manoj made ‘interim president’

Azharuddin reiterates that he is heading the HCA and the five Apex Council members continued to be suspended from their posts

Hyderabad Cricket Association crisis deepens as members revolt against Azharuddin

Among the resolutions that were passed unanimously at the 'informal’ meeting, were to hold the long pending Annual General Meeting (AGM) on March 28

HCA Apex Council rejects appointment of Verma

Azhar signs note of dissent on Ombudsman issue; League matches to start

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