Sunday, October 24, 2021

Nayakara Veeresha

Opinion: Towards transparent income distribution

By Nayakara Veeresha The coronavirus pandemic has triggered an economic crisis pushing people into the vicious cycle of poverty and indebtedness. At this critical juncture,...

Opinion: Ambedkar, Gandhi and the idea of village

By Nayakara Veeresha The second wave of the Covid pandemic has hit the economy, polity and society hard. The first wave was broadly an urban...

Opinion: Revival of freedom state is key

It is imperative that the Indian state facilitates more participative rather than authoritarian governance

30 years of reforms and 3 failures

Income inequality, poverty and unemployment have deepened and the pandemic has accentuated them further

Farmer protests and SC stand

Setting up a committee is fine but defining its composition is clearly not in the domain of the judiciary

Adivasis, reservations and justice

Reservations need to be understood and interpreted as a means to enable social justice to historically marginalised communities

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