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OMCs keep diesel, petrol prices unchanged on Sunday

New Delhi: Oil marketing companies (OMC) have kept the prices of diesel and petrol unchanged across major Indian cities since November 3, 2021, when...

Petrol costlier, diesel rate cut 1st time in 3 months

Across the country as well, petrol prices increased in the range of 25-35 paise per litre, diesel prices reduced by 15-20 paise per litre.

Fuel price relief as oilcos spare petrol, diesel from price hike

Accordingly, the price of petrol continued to be at Rs 90.93 a litre and diesel Rs 81.32 a litre in the capital.

Fuel prices resurge after two-day break

The oil marketing companies raised the pump price of both petrol and diesel by 35 paisa per litre on Tuesday.

Petrol, diesel prices rise for 7th consecutive day

Accordingly, oil marketing companies raised the pump price of diesel by a high level of 29 paise per litre and petrol by another 26 paise per litre in Delhi.

Diesel price rise highest in Delhi by 36 paise/litre

Accordingly, oil marketing companies raised the pump price of diesel by year high level of 36 paise per litre and petrol by another 30 paise per litre in Delhi.

Petrol, diesel prices rise by 30p, 25p a litre in Delhi

Petrol is now priced at Rs 87.60 and diesel Rs 77.73 per litre in the national capital.

Sharp spike in fuel prices, petrol Rs 87.30/L in Delhi

The oil marketing companies on Tuesday decided to break their three-day pause to increase petrol and diesel prices by a sharp 35 paise per litre.

India to produce 302 lakh tonnes of sugar in 2020-21: ISMA

The industry body had pegged sugar output of the country around 310 lakh tonnes in its first advance estimates for 2020-21 sugar season.

Hike in petrol, diesel rates after global oil price jump

Across the country as well the pump price of petrol and diesel increased on Wednesday but the quantum varied depending on the prevailing tax structure in each state.

Oil marketing companies may see earnings erode

OMC have had a good run in the first half of FY21 with higher inventory gains, fortunes may turn against the companies as lower oil prices in October and November months would result in inventory losses

Petrol, diesel prices steady for two weeks

OMCs have gone on a pause mode at a time when news of successful coronavirus vaccine and expectations of big pick up in demand had kept crude on the boil with prices breaching $50 a barrel mark.

OMCs continue to hold petrol, diesel price rise

Accordingly, there was no change in the retail price of auto fuels on Monday with the price of petrol remaining at Rs 83.71 a litre and diesel Rs 73.87 a litre in Delhi.

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