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Signal now supports 40 person group calls

New Delhi: Encrypted messaging app Signal has announced that it now supports 40 participants on group calls. The company said that it released end-to-end encrypted...

Signal reveals how FB, Instagram collect your data for ads

"They collect everything they can from FB, Instagram, and WhatsApp in order to sell visibility into people and their lives," Signal said in a blog post late on Tuesday.

Signal tests peer-to-peer payments via cryptocurrency

The company said it aims payments in Signal to be fast, private, and work well on mobile devices.

Leaked Facebook data reveals that Mark Zuckerberg uses Signal

Recently, personal data of nearly 53.3 crore Facebook users, including 61 lakh Indians, reemerged online after a hacker posted the details on a digital forum.

Telegram fast eating into WhatsApp user base in India: Survey

Although WhatsApp is currently the messaging leader with more than 53 per cent users in the country using its platform, Telegram has wooed most of its users

Signal ‘copies’ several WhatsApp features amid new user surge

The latest Signal Beta update, released this week, includes the feature to change the chat wallpaper copied straightaway from WhatsApp, reports WABetaInfo, a website that closely tracks the Beta changes on Facebook-owned platform.

Signal back after 24-hour outage, users facing error messages

Signal is back! Like an underdog going through a training montage, we've learned a lot since yesterday — and we did it together. Thanks to the millions of new Signal users around the world for your patience.

Telegram or Signal? Welcome to the illusion called data security

Encryption is fundamentally flawed and once hackers get to know any vulnerability or bug in the whole data travel journey apps, mobile operating system, public Wi-Fi, Cloud and the physical data centres your personal

WhatsApp backs privacy policy in own status, twitterati goes berserk

After publishing full-page advertisements in Indian newspapers, the latest update from the most used applications in the world, was assuring their users via their own 'Status' feature.

DuckDuckGo surpasses 100 million daily search queries

More than 4 million users have installed its app on both Android and iOS app stores and Chrome extension, the company said in a recent tweet.

WhatsApp delays new privacy policy by three months amid severe criticism

The policy change was originally scheduled to come into effect on February 8, the Facebook-owned company said.

Telegram, Signal feast on WhatsApp row

Signal, which many feel is more secure than Telegram, is enjoying all the attention as WhatsApp’s popularity has plummeted

WhatsApp fights back as users switch to Signal and Telegram

The advertisement on some Indian dailies reads: “Respect for your privacy is coded into our DNA”.

Signal targets 100-200 mn users in India: Brian Acton

In a candid interview with IANS, Executive Chairman of Signal Foundation Brian Acton who left WhatsApp in 2017 over a dispute with Facebook regarding monetisation of WhatsApp which has taken centerstage

What’s the furore over WhatsApp?

Many fear ‘loss of privacy’ as new updates in its ‘Terms of service’ kicks up controversy

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