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Lack of sleep affecting students’ mental health especially women

The findings, based on more than 1,000 (1,113) men and women attending university full-time, also show those reporting depressive symptoms were almost four times as likely to suffer from inadequate sleep habits.

Lack of sleep affects your walk: Study

In experiments with student volunteers, the team found that overall, the fewer sleep students got, the less control they had when walking during a treadmill test. For students who pulled an all-nighter before the test, this gait control plummeted even further. The findings were published in the journal Interestingly, for those who didn't stay up all night before the test, but who generally had less-than-ideal sleep during the week, those who slept in on weekends performed better than those who didn't.

Sleep well to snack smartly

The research also revealed what appears to be a popular American habit not influenced by how much we sleep: snacking at night.

3 things you can do daily to lose body fat

A good fitness level is more important than just fat loss.

Sleep loss harms mental, physical well-being: Study

The study, published in the journal ‘Annals of Behavioral Medicine', also indicted that consecutive days of sleep loss can increase these negative impacts, CNN reported.

Key things to do to recover from Covid

Ample sleep, good diet and regular exercise help one recover faster from Covid, say doctors

Online learning doesn’t improve student sleep habits, says study

The study, led by psychology professor Ralph Mistlberger, Andrea Smit and Myriam Juda, at SFU's Circadian Rhythms and Sleep Lab, compared self-reported data on sleep habits from 80 students enrolled

Disrupted sleep linked to higher risk of death, particularly in women: Study

The study of 8001 men and women found that female adults who experienced unconscious wakefulness most often and for longer periods of time had nearly double the risk of dying from cardiovascular disease

Sleep quality of older adults can be improved by music

"Music intervention is an effective strategy and is easy to administer by a caregiver or healthcare worker," the authors wrote.

Treating sleep apnea may reduce risk of dementia: Study

The findings stressed the impact of sleep on cognitive function.

Hyderabadis losing sleep over mobile phones!

Almost 94% people are on phones just before hitting the sack, says a sleep study by

Insomnia tied to suicidal thoughts, anxiety in schizophrenics

Schizophrenia is clearly associated with an increased risk of suicide, with a 5-10 per cent lifetime risk of death by suicide.

Sleep apnea could be linked to memory issues

"Better sleep is beneficial to the brain and can improve cognitive skills. Yet in our study, we found that over half of the people with cognitive impairment had obstructive sleep apnea," said study

Elon Musk says sleep for at least 6 hours to remain productive

"I tried sleeping less, but then total productivity decreases. I don't find myself wanting more sleep than six (hours)," Musk revealed in a podcast

Afternoon naps associated with better mental agility

According to the research published in the online journal General Psychiatry, afternoon napping seems to be associated with better locational awareness, verbal fluency, and working memory.

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