Friday, October 22, 2021


Help your kids cope with stress

It could be a brutal accident, an unprecedented pandemic, a violent crime, or other disasters but with the right parental support, children have a higher chance of coming out stronger from an awful situation.

Concentration develops positivity

We have to take care of our body to take care of our mind. We should always try to learn new skills to keep us positive and refreshed.

DIY tips for conscious decor choices

Get creative with these DIY tips and watch your space pop!

Rakul Preet suggests Yog Nidra to beat pandemic stress

No! I am not sleeping off. This is how I relax post workout, with a session of Yog Nidra, as suggested by my wellness expert @munmun.ganeriwal.

Rachakonda Police launches counselling services to beat Covid stress

Police Commissioner Mahesh M Bhagwat, launching the services here on Monday, emphasised that in times of adversity, emotional well-being and mental health were as important as physical health.

How to maintain positive well-being at home

It's important to remain upbeat while staying at home, managing self-care and well-being.

Older adults found resilience during pandemic through community

If resilience is understood as the ability to see positives in the midst of a negative situation, then many of the study's participants demonstrated resilience during that time, the researchers said.

Lactation and it’s varying experiences faced by new mothers

Contrary to the popular saying that breastfeeding is a natural phenomenon that comes easily to every mother, the reality is it can be far from this.

Researchers find financial stress can lead to physical pain in later years

Most pain research is neurological, but it's important to also connect it too stressful family experiences, according to the researchers.

Pets eased children’s loneliness in lockdown: Study

For many families navigating the stress and challenges of home-schooling, pets have offered children crucial support.

The risks of a pain in the neck and how to manage it

It is a common occurrence among the working population usually engaged in tech jobs or desk jobs.

Here’s how to shed the ‘lockdown kilos’

Long work from home hours contributed to a sedentary lifestyle where people were required to sit for hours without any movement.

Mental health most impacted during Covid-19, says students’ survey

India's young adults display positive energy and resilience to respond fast and surprisingly well to unprecedented challenges.

‘Would like to see a world where no life is lost due to mental illness’

The actor posted a picture of her organisation, The Live Love Laugh Foundation, on Instagram.

Earn Rs 10 lakh and be the best ‘sleep intern’

This year, close to 80,000 applicants have already thrown in their hats to compete this year and be a Sleep Intern. 

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