Wednesday, October 27, 2021

Sundar Pichai

Pixel 6, Google Tensor lay a good foundation: Sundar Pichai

"If you look at the Google Tensor bet, these are multiyear bets, which finally play out and I couldn't be more excited by the reception for Pixel 6 and Google Tensor," he said.

JioPhone to drive next wave of smartphone revolution: Sundar Pichai

The upcoming JioPhone Next smartphone will house Pragati OS, powered by Android, which is touted as a world-class operating system built specifically for India.

Sundar Pichai retweets viral video of alligator snacking on drone

No wonder, then, that his latest post has left many surprised. Pichai retweeted a video of an alligator smoking from the mouth after snapping a drone out of the air.

Here’s why Sundar Pichai is jealous of Jeff Bezos

Bezos is expected to fly approximately 328,000 feet (about 100 kilometres) to the Kármán Line on New Shepard on the day that marks NASA’s Apollo moon landing anniversary.

Sundar Pichai warns about threats to internet freedom in countries

Google's boss said that "many countries are restricting the flow of information, and the model is often taken for granted."

Meet the new, unstoppable Indian tech honchos on world map

The latest to join the elite tech CEOs' club is Rajesh Nambiar, currently the Chairman and Managing Director of Cognizant India, who has replaced Malcolm Frank, Executive Vice President and President, Digital Business

500 workers ask Sundar Pichai to stop protecting harassers

"My harasser still sat next to me. My manager told me H.R. wouldn't even make him change his desk, let alone work from home or go on leave," she wrote.

Zuck, Pichai, Dorsey defend platforms before US hearing

The House Energy and Commerce Committee was set to grill the tech honchos on Thursday over misinformation plaguing their online platforms.

Sundar Pichai, Satya Nadella engage in war over online news

The attack came as Microsoft President Brad Smith, who on Friday issued a testimony for the House Committee on the Judiciary looking into antitrust and commercial aspects of competition for a free and diverse press

Pichai pledges $25mn to empower women including in India

Women are almost twice as likely to lose their jobs during the pandemic and an estimated 20 million girls are at risk of not returning to school.

Zuckerberg, Pichai, Dorsey to face US misinformation hearing

"Whether it be falsehoods about the Covid-19 vaccine or debunked claims of election fraud, these online platforms have allowed misinformation to spread, intensifying national crises with real-life, grim consequences for public health and safety," Pallone said

YouTube growing fast, Shorts gets 3.5 billion daily views: Sundar Pichai

"More than 0.5 million channels live streamed on YouTube for the first time in 2020, from artists performing in their living rooms to churches moving their services online," Pichai informed.

Pichai commits $150 million for equitable access to Covid vaccines

"We'll invest another $50 million in partnership with public health agencies to reach underserved communities with vaccine-related content and information," Pichai said in a statement.

Sundar Pichai apologises for Google AI researcher’s departure

"We need to accept responsibility for the fact that a prominent Black, female leader with immense talent left Google unhappily," Pichai wrote in an email to the staff first published by Axios on Wednesday.

Social media CEOs rebuff bias claims, vow to defend election

Democrats focused their criticism mainly on hate speech, misinformation and other content that can incite violence, keep people from voting or spread falsehoods about the coronavirus.

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