Monday, October 25, 2021


Editorial: Prevent humanitarian crisis in Afghanistan

While there is a need for coordinated efforts to prevent the humanitarian crisis from spinning out of control in Afghanistan, the international community should...

Girls, teachers urge Taliban to reopen schools

Only three provinces opened educational institutions for young women so far

Editorial: Mayhem returns

The spurt in targeted civilian killings in Kashmir confirms the worst fears that the developments in Afghanistan could embolden the terrorist outfits bent upon...

At least 100 dead, wounded in Afghan blast, says Taliban official

Kabul: A blast went off Friday at a mosque packed with Shiite Muslim worshippers in northern Afghanistan, killing or wounding at least 100 people,...

Opinion: Time is now for Pakistan to walk the talk

By Dhananjay Tripathi 15th August 2021 will be remembered as an important date in world history. On this day, the Taliban swiftly entered Kabul after...

Kabul: Criminals hunt female judges who convicted

Kabul: Afghan women judges, who handed out jail sentences to murderers and other criminals, have now gone into hiding fearing retribution from the convicts...

Taliban requests India to resume commercial flight operations, decision under review

New Delhi: The Taliban has recently requested India's aviation regulator Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) to resume commercial flight operations to Kabul, which...

Taliban bans IPL broadcast in Afghanistan due to anti-islam contents

New Delhi: The Taliban-ruled Afghanistan has banned the broadcast of the hugely popular Indian Premier League in the country over the presence of "female...

Editorial: Humanitarian crisis in Afghanistan

Ravaged by prolonged wars and now under the control of Islamist group, Afghanistan is on the brink of collapse, economically and socially. The global...

Editorial: Pakistan’s imprint all over

If at all the international community needed any proof to establish the link between Pakistan’s state actors and the Taliban, it was provided by...

ISI chief rushes to Kabul to form govt acceptable to international community

Islamabad: In a surprise move, Pakistan's powerful intelligence chief Lieutenant General Faiz Hameed on Saturday dashed to Kabul, according to media reports here, amidst...

Editorial: Cautious engagement

Pragmatism, caution and national interests must guide India's new strategy while engaging with the Taliban

Editorial: Mission Ignominy

The Afghan conflict exposed the futility of military interventions in faraway lands and the price people must pay

Opinion: Khalistanis and Taliban

Those running ‘Sikhs for Justice’ campaign have only exposed themselves with their ‘love’ for a bigoted regime

Opinion: The tragedy of Afghanistan

Since the country has no history of democracy, restoring the tribal Loya Jirga (Grand Council) is the way

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