Tuesday, October 19, 2021

Telugu literature

Cinare is an epitome of Telugu literature: Niranjan Reddy

He felt that it would virtually be impossible to fill the vacuum left behind by Narayana Reddy, fondly known as Cinare.

Dr Elurri Shivareddy to receive Dasarathi award for 2021

The State government has been presenting the prestigious Dasarathi Krishnamacharya award to those who make outstanding contributions in the field of Telugu literature.

MBA graduate compiles ‘unique kit’ throwing light on Telugu literature

Shanmukha has compiled a kit which includes a calendar and biographies of 111 Telugu literary personalities

Chief Minister KCR pays tributes to Acharya Dr Cinare

In a statement, the Chief Minister said Cinare was a poet, writer, lyricist, researcher, and academic who continued the Telugu literary movement by embodying the Telangana language in his own unique style

Andhra government congratulates Sahitya Akademi award winner

The Telugu expert is known for his literary works and poetics, including translating them into English.

Celebrating the icons of Telugu literature

Teachers and students presented the essence of the eternal Telugu literature, elements of focus, poetry, rhetoric speeches with vibrant costumes

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