Understanding the philosophy of nature

The intrinsically complicated answers to these ‘natural phenomena’ are listed in the world of Physics.

By   |  Ananya  |  Published: 7th May 2021  5:50 pm

An apple falls down and a man feels it exciting, a man while bathing discovers something and runs out naked shouting Eureka, another man sees the lid of the cooking pot raising feels it abnormal. Do these people sound crazy? Well they are somewhat crazy. But let me tell you the above situations led to the discovery of gravitation, buoyancy and steam power respectively. We see a lot of things daily and don’t give them much attention. But the people who were keen to know the reason behind these so-called natural phenomena are now praised throughout the world.

The intrinsically complicated answers to these ‘natural phenomena’ are listed in the world of Physics. Everyone is not allowed in; the ones who can get in are those who understand its magically philosophical logic. Physics helps us understand the past, modify the present, and predict the future. It’s only a mesmerising expression of nature’s philosophy. Philosophical questions are paired with scientific answers. It asks questions, answers those questions and questions those answers.

The mystery in it cannot be explained and the answers to it are not absolute. The language in which physics is expressed is rather interesting, it is called -Mathematics. Physics is a discipline expanding right from the contracting atoms to the expanding universe.

The next time you sit with a physics book remember it’s not mere calculations and abstract theories, it is an expression of nature, it helps understand how things around you behave. Once you understand nature there are infinite possibilities to make it useful for yourself.

So, start wondering about different things because nature’s philosophy is magnificently mesmerising, miraculously materialistic and mysteriously meritorious


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