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EntertainmentWhy the TikTok ‘Door kick challenge’ can be dangerous

Why the TikTok ‘Door kick challenge’ can be dangerous

Published: 4th Dec 2021 3:18 pm

Hyderabad: Teens in the North Bay city of Canada are currently going crazy about a new challenge on the online video platform TikTok, but the local police aren’t happy.

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Called the ‘Door kick challenge’, this viral trend involves kids kicking the doors of homes to the beat of a popular Kesha song ‘Die Young’. The lyrics of the popular song go: “I hear your heart beat to the beat of the drums…”

Although all of us have played knock-and-run games in our childhood, this dare has apparently caused property damage and homeowners could mistake the violent knocks for a would-be intruder. In a statement released Tuesday, Petaluma Police cautioned about the very real consequences that could emerge from the online trend.

What if a person is unaware of this TikTok trend and believes they are in actual physical danger? “While in theory, this challenge seems harmless, its segue into our community has caused some real safety concerns,” according to the statement published on the department’s Facebook page. “As the challenge most notably occurs at night, teenagers must understand that the existence of real-life home invasions may put them in grave danger,” ‘Sonoma News’ reported.

In one case, hundreds of dollars in damage was reported to a home’s doorway, Petaluma Police Community Engagement Liaison Jennifer Pritchard said.

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