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Enraged Anasuya replies to Kota Srinivasa Rao, says choice of dressing is entirely personal

Published: 19th Oct 2021 9:30 am

Character artiste Kota Srinivasa Rao remarks seemed to have rubbed anchor Anasuya Bharadwaj on the wrong way.

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Enraged by the remarks by the senior character artiste, Anasuya posted a series of tweets venting out her anger. She said men should know what is right and wrong and behave in a civilised manner in the society.

In an interview, Kota Srinivasa Rao was asked to comment on the current trend of comedy in the primetime television shows. The character artiste described the current trend as mere circus and doesn’t tickle funny bones. He further said people may watch it but shows like Jabardasth won’t last long.

He added television host Anasuya is a talented artiste, beautiful and expressive but personally he doesn’t like the way she dresses on the show. Kota said he likes actor-mentor Roja’s dressing sense.

Expressing her displeasure, the television anchor put a post stating, ” I just came across some comments made by the senior artiste..It just overwhelms me how my choice of dressing is a matter of concern to this extent.. it’s sad that someone of that experience made remarks so low. One should know what one wears is entirely personal .. could be a professional choice too. But still it’s upto oneself. It’s ironic how today’s social media is highlighting such unproductive content…Had there been a social media earlier, would they have questioned why the senior actor had glorified drinking alcohol or wearing shabby clothes or ill-treat or shame women on screen?!! Wonder,” she mentioned in her Twitter post.

Anasuya sought to know why wouldn’t anyone question all these stars who are married, have kids and romancing actresses on screen and are showing off their shirtless physique?

She further wrote, “If a married woman and a mother of two like me is still working, trying to succeed in her profession who is opinionated who questions the patriarchal norms, is intimidating you… then you should work on yourself deal with yourself rather than making opinions in public.”

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