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Business'Intinta Innovator' programme by TSIC helps develop advanced gadgets for daily use

‘Intinta Innovator’ programme by TSIC helps develop advanced gadgets for daily use

Published: 23rd Aug 2021 12:59 am

Hyderabad: Remember the popular ad of a telecom company of the power of ‘idea’ and what it can do?’ Well, closer home, more than 100 students, youth, teachers, and others who are part of the ‘Intinta Innovator’ programme of the Telangana State Innovation Cell (TSIC), are presently showcasing their ideas to solve everyday problems.

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TSIC will select innovations that have the potential for commercialisation and will engage with the youngsters who came up with the idea, facilitating access to need-based analysis, mentorship, prototype development through specific programmes. The ideas cover a wide range of subjects — from addressing an agrarian problem to providing security to women to alerting truck drivers of high pulse rate to a toy that teaches children about good touch and bad touch and more.

For instance, Ganji Amarender, a Math teacher at ZPHS PA Pally in Nalgonda has developed a device that will help in the online teaching of mathematical formulae, theorem, and problem-solving methods. The device is made using a glass surface fixed between wooden plates. A white sheet of paper with text placed under the glass sheet can be projected using the device’s camera (via the Zoom platform), creating a customised Zoom background for the students to view. “I am taking a class from 7 am to 8 am. Some students may be absent or some join late. The effort is to give lessons to all students. We have to make do with a simple glass set-up for the projection effect. Some lessons are recorded and put on the Youtube channel,” said Amarender, who has close to 2,500 subscribers for his channel.

Usharani, a student of Bala Yesu School from Jangaon has come up with an idea to use mobile to teach body language and exercises to children. It uses DC geared motors, plastic wheels, power supply adapter, electronic circuit, wooden plank, and others. The mobile screen becomes the face of the robot.

“The effort is to make technology help children below five years,” said Usharani, who is guided by her teacher D Bhaskar on the project. In another case, Sai from Mancherial designed a rectangular brick holder. “Many labourers carry eight to nine bricks on their head. This puts a lot of strain on their head as well as their spine. Also, it is difficult for them to see the surroundings with the weight. Carrying the bricks to a top floor is even more difficult,” said Sai in the accompanying video.

His device ties about nine bricks into a frame that has a handle. “People can carry two sets, one in each hand. This apart, it comes in handy for a person who lost one hand. It is difficult for him to find work. The circular structure makes it difficult to be lifted with one hand. This overcomes that problem and allows him to work,” he explained. K Deepak Reddy of Narayankhed developed a harvester to pick the stones and gravel. “The harvester prototype is ready and is attracting attention from various quarters. If successful, it will help many farmers bring barren lands under cultivation,” he said.

'Intinta Innovator' programme

'Intinta Innovator'
K Deepak Reddy of Narayankhed developed a harvester to pick stones and gravel
which is expected to help many farmers bring barren lands under cultivation.

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