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ReviewsReview of Skip-Bo, Uno’s version of Solitaire

Review of Skip-Bo, Uno’s version of Solitaire

Published: 27th Nov 2021 6:16 pm

Hyderabad: Skip-Bo is solitaire with Uno’s cards. A classic game from Mattel that has now been made available in the form of a video game (like Uno). The cards are the same like Uno with out the skips, reverses, and draws, as the numbered cards go up to a 12. The classic Wild card becomes a Skip-Bo card which can be used in the place of any other card, just like the classic joker if you may.

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Skip-Bo is about clearing numerically arranged decks like Solitaire, but with a twist as most levels require you to achieve something else on the side. In the classic format, the game requires you to clear the draw cards from the pile on your left as quickly as possible – before other players can (almost like Uno), while new cards are handed to you from another pile on the right at the beginning of every turn. As you balance the cards from both piles your objective is to finish the pile on the left. The game also has another mode where you solve Solitaire like puzzles following the rules of Skip-Bo.

This video game does a neat job by offering both the classic and the puzzles modes. The classic mode is what you play in the multiplayer phase and the puzzle mode the one you use to clear levels. As you win games and clear levels you collect coins which you can use to enter more multiplayer games or levels. There is a catch though, each time you lose a game or fail to clear the puzzle you have to repay the cost to attempt it again. Thus, coins are a valuable commodity and the quicker you win or clear a level the more the coins you are rewarded. Efficiency and strategy should be your preferred approaches while playing Skip-Bo.

The game’s levels are increasingly challenging as it introduces a new rule at most turns and the multiplayer can get quite challenging if the opponents play strategically. Skip-Bo also requires you to reveal a card when you wish to end a turn, a few turns in with that bit of information, opponents can not just plot how to win themselves but also how to delay you from winning. Similarly, the number of cards remaining in the pile on the left for any player is information that is displayed to other players, there is ample room for strategising here.

In terms of gameplay Skip-Bo is fun, fast, and has endless replay value. It could have more function or the in-game currency though. Themed decks and specific avatars could be a great place to start. Lastly, the game should have shipped with the option to play with friends right from day one, it is something that could have made the game quite popular from day one.

Give it a try if cards and solitaire are your thing. You won’t be disappointed. 

Sneak peek:  

Game TypeSingle Player and Multiplayer Card based game
PlatformsAndroid and iOS
PriceFree to Play with in game purchases


Innovative Gameplay: 3.5
Game Handling & Quality4
Value for Time4.5
Potential Progression without in-game purchases4
What stands out Fails to impress
The simple format and the wonderful re-creation of the classic game     The coins collected could be used for more than just clearing levels or playing multiplayer matches.      
The ad-free experience and the fast-paced gameThe play with friend feature should have been available on day one

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