Monday, November 29, 2021


Telangana to Gulf: A migration corridor at crossroads

Equipping and empowering our migrants to deal with the complications that arise at various stages of migration is no more an option

Lines of conflict

In fragile Northeast abound with border disputes, the flare-up between Assam and Mizoram over territorial claims is risky  

Eye Spy much before Pegasus

The world’s ‘Second Oldest Profession’ -- spying and espionage -- has been an integral part of the state system way before Pegasus

Olympic spirit amid pandemic shadow

The Olympics beginning in Tokyo from July 23 will see many firsts -- deferred by a year, no crowds, athletes in a bio-bubble and stringent protocols 

100 years of Chinese Communist Party

Despite several turbulent events, failed experiments and policies, the party persists

King is out. Long live the King!

As a disparate new coalition with a mere single-vote majority takes charge in Israel, it could mean more status quo than change

Fukushima Fallout

Japan’s decision to release over one million tonnes of contaminated water from its destroyed nuclear plant into the Pacific Ocean has upset many

New tides of Imperialism 

Imperialism today needs to be conceptualised in terms of gratis (one-way transfer of wealth to western nations) plus the threats that it poses to human life and the planet itself  

Colombo Port City: Chinese colony in our backyard

With China all set to take sovereign control of Colombo Port City, a wary India must realign its South Asia strategy

Climate Cultures

Planetary concerns over pathogenic environments have attained fever-pitch yet the larger eco-crisis arising from imperial impulses continues unchanged

How good will be Bad Bank 

The soaring NPAs, despite several interventions like Dispute Resolution Tribunals, Asset Reconstruction Companies and Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code, now get another pill

Uyghurs going under

Massive crimes against the Uyghurs are in focus as Western nations and human rights groups take on an unyielding China

Caught in Canals

The unprecedented shutdown of the Suez Canal cost billions of dollars and brutally exposed the vulnerability of our supply chains

The flawed disinvestment push

Instead of selling off public sector assets, government should choose expansionary fiscal policy partially financed by monetisation for reviving demand

Banking on privatisation

The very purpose of nationalisation in India — serving the unbanked and under-banked — is yet to be achieved and financial inclusion cannot afford the luxury of complete privatisation
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