Thursday, October 28, 2021
EducationSpace, energy, time and me

Space, energy, time and me

Published: 22nd Sep 2021 6:33 pm

Hyderabad: One day, Ms TIME had a burning desire to find out about her birth. It came to me and asked earnestly “Do you know how I was born?”.

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Answering her question was not easy, but I tried to explain her in a way she could understand. I started by telling her about her parents first.

Space, the father of Time, is the one without which there can be no room for any movement. Movement is the other face of Time that cannot exist without Space, be it in an external world or an internal dream world. Energy, the mother of Time, is the one without which even if Space exists – no movement can happen.

So I explained to Time that when her parents’ Space and Energy met, her birth happened.

Time though for a while, nodded in agreement and then asked about my birth. I told her that I am her great, great, great…great-granddaughter.

TIME was so happy knowing that and hugged me and blessed me with Good Times always!

Sanjana B
Class VI-B
Gitanjali Primary School

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