Tuesday, October 19, 2021

Gitanjali Primary School

Gitanjali Primary School: Kids vow to get rid of their bad habits

Hyderabad: This year, students of Gitanjali Primary School observed the auspicious festival of Dussehra by 'dumping the evil' from their lives. They vowed to...

Earth as my dream planet

By Shamvabi Samanta,Class: VI,Gitanjali Primary School I am blessed with a dazzling wonder planet Earth, where I can enjoy the beauty of nature, the greenery...

Gen Z and relevance of the Gandhian teachings

Hyderabad: Gen Z means the people born between the late 1990s and 2010s. Gandhian teachings of peace and non-violence hold eternal relevance. Gandhiji represents...

Gitanjali Primary School: Creative call against child labour

Hyderabad: The ‘red alerts’ of Coral House of Gitanjali Primary School which meets once a month took up yet another important topic for discussion...

Space, energy, time and me

Answering her question was not easy, but I tried to explain her in a way she could understand

Panda: My paragon

The movie embraces a new spirit in us when we watch Po transfigure from blundering Kung Fu fan to master in an ecstasy.

Learning through antics, anecdotes and memories

Every morning brought with it a new challenge to be overcome, yet there was never a tedious moment at any point of time.

Gitanjali Primary School: Swimming prodigy’s quest for Olympics gold

Advaith won three bronze medals in 50 metres freestyle, 100 metres freestyle and 200 metres freestyle.

Gitanjali Primary School: Kaloji’s contribution to Telangana language development recalled

Hyderabad: Gitanjali Primary School celebrated the Telangana Language Day (Telangana Bhasha Dinosthavam) on 9th September to commemorate the birth anniversary of people’s poet Kaloji...

Gitanjali Primary School: Self-portraits with natural elements!

Though it was entertaining, it was challenging to replicate one’s own image realistically.

Schools celebrate Independence Day with patriotic fervour

Schools celebrate Independence Day virtually

India’s space exploration laudable

The missiles such as the ‘Agni’ and the ‘Prithvi’ strengthened our nation’s security and ensured a place in the ‘elite group’ of the world’s powerful countries.

Enjoying melodies of (g)olden days

The children evoked quite a bit of nostalgia when they dressed up as actors of the bygone era and danced to the lilting tunes of 1970s cinema during a virtual event held recently

Students of Gitanjali Primary School discuss role of media

Students also shed light on how media is vital in bringing news about the happenings around the globe at our doorstep and keeps people updated about all the developments taking place worldwide.

Gitanjali Primary School: Eco-warriors with a message

The teachers explained the importance of using paper bags as they are an environment-friendly alternative to harmful plastic bags, which take thousands of years to decompose.

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