Monday, October 25, 2021


Digital Wellbeing approach for teens and adults

Need to empower all with knowledge and tools to be safe in digital space

Ananya Panday fights against cyberbullying

The actor collaborates with cops to discuss issues faced by youth in cyberspace

Chrissy Teigen reveals how she is doing amid bullying scandal

The model was captured by TMZ as she pulled into the carport of her West Hollywood abode on Monday, reported Fox News.

Chrissy Teigen has been silent on social media since cyberbullying scandal broke

In recent years, the former model had become known for her presence on social media, taking on critics head-to-head and not being shy about her political and social opinions.

Cybercriminals using online gaming to target kids

The global gaming industry is expected to grow in the next few years, and the risks associated with it, such as cybercrimes and cyberbullying, must be acknowledged by parents, gamers and the government

India to take up with UK racism issues when required: Jaishankar

"I do want to say that as a land of Mahatma Gandhi, we can never ever turn our eyes away from racism wherever it is," he said.

Are you digitally ready?

It is vital for all of us to know how to use online tools appropriately and effectively

Here’s how you can deal with cyberbullying

Online abuse may result in emotional and physical stress

Making cyberspace safe for all

Dr Rakshit Tandon explained to the audience the variety of crimes that occur on their various social media platforms.

TIME’s Kid of the Year Gitanjali focuses on effective COVID-19 vaccine distribution

Rao says she is still at a "brainstorming and observing" phase but is looking at the whole idea of vaccine distribution and how widespread it needs to be.

Keep your children safe online

With children spending more time online, the risk of exposure to inappropriate content and falling prey to cybercriminals are on the rise

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