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EntertainmentChrissy Teigen has been silent on social media since cyberbullying scandal broke

Chrissy Teigen has been silent on social media since cyberbullying scandal broke

Published: 29th May 2021 5:11 pm

Washington: American supermodel Chrissy Teigen, who was recently accused of cyberbullying, has been unusually silent on social media since the scandal broke.

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In recent years, the former model had become known for her presence on social media, taking on critics head-to-head and not being shy about her political and social opinions. After several years of sharp commentary and headline-making clap backs, Teigen has now gone silent on social media since she was accused of cyberbullying.

Most notably, the 35-year-old star had allegedly encouraged singer Courtney Stodden to commit suicide and suggested that Lindsay Lohan physically harm herself out of jealousy. The ordeal has resulted in a great deal of backlash for the once-beloved star, which many consider ironic given her tendency to slam others for problematic behaviors.

Her last Twitter post came on May 12 when she publicly apologized to Stodden, calling herself “lucky” to have been held accountable. She admitted to being “mortified” by her past behavior and promised that she will “forever work on being better.”

Stodden didn’t find Teigen’s comments to be terribly authentic and stated that the apology felt like “a public attempt to save her partnerships” with various brands. Teigen’s Instagram has also gone dark, with her last post being on May 11, just a day before apologizing to Stodden on Twitter.

In the post, Teigen had shared a page from her cookbook featuring a “cozy classic red lentil soup” recipe. She announced in the caption that she’d be making the dish live that afternoon, which was presumably her final appearance on the app.

However, the ordeal seems to have had a greater effect on Teigen than just silencing her social media, as she also appears to be taking a hit in the business world.

As per Fox News, earlier this month, Macy’s said it’s “not actively selling Cravings by Chrissy Teigen on our site.” Though, it’s unclear if they will bring back her products in the future.

While Teigen continues to maintain deals with several retailers, it remains to be seen whether that will change in the future.

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