Wednesday, December 8, 2021

Dr RK Mishra

N440K variant of Coronavirus dominant in Telangana, AP

Double mutant strains found in 4-5% of samples in Telangana

54 per cent of Hyderabad’s population developed antibodies against Covid-19: Study

The study showed that 54 per cent of the population in the city has antibodies, which means they have developed immunity to SARS-CoV-2 virus

Coronavirus’ new variant N440K spreading faster in southern States: CCMB

We now have emerging evidence that N440K is spreading a lot more in southern states, says CCMB

New Covid strains under watch in Indian Institutes

Research organisations, including CCMB, to launch countrywide genome sequencing of Covid

Existing covid precautions will do: CCMB

There is no evidence that the new variant is more virulent or that it has the ability to beat existing precautions such as masks, physical distancing and other non-pharmaceutical interventions

CCMB to focus on new Covid strain

Genome sequencing to ascertain its presence in India

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