Thursday, January 27, 2022

Indian National Academy of Engineering

Scholarships: National Scholarship Scheme (SAKSHAM) HRDM 2021

National Scholarship Scheme (SAKSHAM) HRDM, 2021: The Human Resource & Development Mission invites applications for National Scholarship Scheme (SAKSHAM) HRDM, 2021 from candidates in the...

Scholarships: NIT Meghalaya invites JRF 2021 applications

Junior Research Fellowship at NIT Meghalaya National Institute of Technology, Meghalaya invites applications for NIT Meghalaya Department of Mechanical Engineering Junior Research Fellowship (JRF) 2021...

Innovative Student Project Award to Dr. Jhansi Jadav of UoH

Her PhD thesis was titled ‘Assessment of precipitation, deformation and fracture behavior of Superni 263 Ni base superalloy under tensile and low cycle fatigue conditions’

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