Thursday, January 27, 2022

Jason Derulo

American singer Jason Derulo makes jalebis, Priyanka Chopra approves

The ‘Swalla’ singer took to his Instagram handle recently to share a video of him making the Indian sweet.

Jason Derulo: When Will says something, you make sure you’re listening

Being able to have someone that you look up to is great. I think there's nothing like it. When Will Smith says something, you want to make sure that you're listening. He gives life advice. I take that and put it right.

Jason Derulo feels happy to share his wealth

However, he admitted he probably paid the bill for some guests who "didn't really care" about his success.

Jason Derulo: Can’t see myself going on the road again intensely

In an interview to new! Magazine, the 31-year-old star admitted that he only spent 60 days at home last year because of his work. He shared that the Covid-19 pandemic has made him re-evaluate how he works, reports

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